24  Oscillators


High resolution wavetables


Compatible    with  Serum, Vital…


8 x Integrated VCFs and VCAs


SD Card file browser  for memory backup and wavetable loading


Configurable Aux output 


True Zero Linear FM (TZFM)


The DIMENSION is a eurorack, high quality and performance, wavetable oscillator. It brings to eurorack moderns wavetables oscillators technics with unprecedent computing power and flexibility in such small form factor. Comptabile with computer world wavetables format standards, it let you benefits from a large and easily available collection of wavetables.

The Dimension can be used as powerfull wavetable oscillator or as complete 4 voices synthesizer if VCA and/or VCF are activated by MIDI or CV/GATE. 

24 oscillators

The Dimension oscillator is capable of playing not less than 24 wavetable oscillators replicas simultaneously. The 24 oscillators can be used to build scaled chords, unisons, dual oscillators, polyphonicaly, Unison or all togheter.

The DIMENSION is a OSC but can be used as a synth voice when needed. Four internal VCAs and ADSRs are available and can be activated to provide full four voices polyphony. 


The Dimension wavetable engine uses 2048 samples * 256 waveforms wavetables to bring high definition tables to your system. Its wavetables reproduction precision allow to reproduce a wide range of sonic textures.

Dimension is compatible with the Serum and Vital wavetables formats and feature an intuitive and fast file browser, allowing you to explore thousands of availables wavetables. Just drop your favorites wavetables on a SD card, plug it into your DIMENSION and instantaneously start exploring new sonic territory.


The internal wavetable pool memory can store up to 25 wavetables. 128 patches can be stored and recalled instantenously in/from the internal memory. The 25 wavetables can be used freely in any of the 128 patches.

Session and module memory can backup/recall on/from the front panel micro-SD card 


Dimension let you navigate and morph within wavetables but not only. The Navigation processor let you configure sets of wavetable to extend navigation Dimensions. You can now morpho accros all wavetables in memory. 


You can real time twist, flip, streetch, Squeeze, fold, wavetable with the internal warp processor. 


Aux (R) output can be used to output stereo audio but not only… Aux can be setup to output a seconday oscillator, an LFO clockable wavetable, or converted MIDI signal from input like ( Gate, Trig, CV, CC, … ).


The DIMENSION feature 3 macro modulation inputs ( A, B & NAV). Theses macro controls can be assign in each patch to any parameters or combinaison of parameters.


Power  supply
  • +12V   ►       100 mA
  • -12V       ►                  15 mA
  • +    5V       ►                     0 mA
  • Width : 10HP
  • Depth : 27 mm  
  • 32bit     44.1kHz 
  • High resolution anti-aliasing filter
  • 128 internal patches
  • 25  wavetables pool
  • Full Internal memory backup/load from SD
TFT Display 
  • 65k colors
  • 240  *   135  pixels
Control / Modulation
  • CV -3V … 7V
  • FM -8V … +8V
  • Navigation “NAV” -8V … +8V
  • A (Macro) -8V … +8V
  • B (Macro) -8V … +8V
  • 2048 samples per waveform
  • 44.1kHz
  • 1 to 256 waveforms per wavetable
  • 4 * M3 hex screws
  • Power connectors
  • 4GB micro-SD Card
    (with wavetable selection)